The Venus Star Dress

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Introducing the RITUAL Venus Dress
From The Stars Collection

To be worn over everything or nothing.

Limited Edition Bespoke Design
Hand crafted in the rainforest by our Artisan Tailors

Once we run out of the lace for this design we will be unable to replicate it again. Making this dress available for a limited time only.

Standard production time requires 4-8 weeks depending on designers schedule.

Rush 1-2 weeks +33% fee

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Venus The Inspiration 

Follow the path back to venus

she said staring at the planet in the sky

Forgive, let go, start over

This is how we keep love alive

Unity we all falter, we all fall, we all make mistakes

We all hurt ourselves and each other

It is being human, being alive, being here now

Shift it follow your heart

Back to venus in the sky

She will fill you when you feel empty

She will wrap her arms around you when you feel alone

She will always love you, even when you break

Even when you fall, even when you falter

Love these are just our teachers

Our friends our lovers our guides

Follow the path back to Venus

Let love expand so big, bigger than

Any pain you ever felt, bigger than

Any rage you ever felt, Bigger than any loss

This is your gift, your power, your strength

Be courageous drop everything else

But love, hold it sacred hold your ground

In it and if you feel alone and you feel

it is too much just look up

She is always with you shining down

The lover who loves eternally

The lover who dreams forever

The lover who is infinite

Become Venus

Bring the elements and energy

Into every cell, every atom of your being

Let it cover you

Let it fill you

Let it consume you

Burn everything else away

Until all that is Left

Is Venus

From the Sky

Inside your heart

And mine

Jillian Ann




Photography: Jean Renard

Special Thanks: Clayton Beck & Ric De La Rosa

Designer and Model: Jillian Ann

From The Stars Collection