RITUAL Eco Everywear , Ritual was started when there was a lack of edgy comfortable eco friendly, healthy for the body , fair labor sustainable fashion to wear. Eco Everywear is made out of Eco Materials that are the best we can find for the planet, as well as the person. We use primarily Lenzing Modal in various forms. We have found our blacks never fade and are forever black .

Lenzing has a unique process so they are not dumping toxic chemicals back into our planet. RITUAL Eco Everywear is comfortable enough to sleep in, swim in, do yoga in or go out in. Created to be worn Everywear the vision was to create fashion that was eco and could go anywhere . We are always expanding our collection sign up on our mailing list or stalk us online to see the latest creations. 

We are also always seeking new ways to be more sustainable more eco if you desire something we don't create or have ideas on how we could be more aware more eco or more sustainable do not hesitate to reach out to us.