Starchild Jacket

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The stars always felt like home, when it would get dark she would always remember to look up. As long as she could see one star in the sky she knew she would always be ok.
Connected to eternity, infinity, stardust, starlight, starchild .

We came from it we will return to it... let the lights carry us through the night sky.

This Jacket is named after those who remember we come from and will return to the stars.

May it remind us of our infinity and eternity .

If we are infinite what is there to fear or lose or be afraid of.. ..
Nothing except fear itself ..

Wear this as armour against fear and to remind you to look up and remember where we came from.

This jacket was designed to be beautiful a work of art and yet practical enough to ride a motorcycle on or vanish into the shadows of New York City Streets. Art is one level of desired creation but so is art made for our current life. The jacket is molded sculpted to your every curve.

This Jacket is hand crafted and created by our in house tailors who are part of our fair labor and sustainable initiative.
It is made from leather which is the by-product of the meat industry and lined with silk.
We can also offer vegan versions upon request .

Color Selection below or we can make in any color upon request, also custom size upon request.

Red Antique
Gray Antique
Brown Antique
Rush Or Normal