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we offer exchanges on samples if size is incorrect. Was used for shoots and display, No visible damage.

Item Details:  Black, XS-S, fits 35-25-35  / 37-27-37

Live your gothic superhero princess fantasies with this extremely unique leather jacket anatomically sculpted to fit your EVERY curve.

The Original Design was created to be a Corset Jacket meaning the waist would be like a corset. Leather expands around 2 inches over time so if its a bit tight factor in that expansion.

If you want a tight body forming jacket ordering your exact measurements will mean over time it will no longer be form fitting. If you want the style but not the corset which is tight and to some is uncomfortable then we advise putting in the measurements you want it to be at. For a corset to be effective the waist needs to be smaller then your natural waist example if your waist is 26 the corset should be 24 or else after broken in it will be no longer a corset.

This jacket can be customized to your exact measurements or have additional options added such as a custom color lining. Email your measurements or specific customizations to once the purchase has been made and include your order number. 

  • lined with real silk and made with natural goat leather
  • each jacket is handcrafted for the perfect fit
  • Comes with a lifetime repair policy and is part of our no waste exchange.

Hand-crafted by artisanal tailors paid a living wage using natural leather that is the by-product of the meat industry in Indonesia (where goats and sheep are a staple part of the diet.) 


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