Halcyon Jacket

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To see the future, to change it by merely observing it ..

Created by trusting it is by creation we create the future we want to see.

This Jacket is hand crafted and created by our in house tailors who are part of our fair labor and sustainable initiative.

Detailed with a corset in the back , wearable, comfortable, with a double zipper allowing for movement. 
It is made from leather which is the by-product of the meat industry and lined with silk.
We can also offer vegan versions upon request . As well as offer lining to protect against EMF's  as well as bullet proof by request and for a special fee. 

Color Selection below or we can make in any color upon request, or custom size .

Each Jacket is handmade in our in house atelier that we created so we could create and protect the magic in every stitch and every piece that is hidden  in the rainforest where we are the most inspired. 

Red Antique
Gray Antique
Brown Antique
Rush Or Normal