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RITUAL FASHION  The  Controversial Fashion Brand predicted 7 years  ago that masks would be our next big “must have” accessory. 


In Vogue Brazil May 2017  Editorial by Giampaolo Sgura, Sara Sampaio wore the original RITUAL facemask .  Which was inspired by festival culture bringing  the future of fashion into mainstream media.

RITUAL designed its first mask for the  Burningman festival to address a need for a non-medical but  effective and fashionable face protection accessory against the dust present at this and many other festivals. The cool looking and long wearing accessory became one a top seller .

RITUAL has been featured in the most of the world’s fashion press like Vogue, Marie Claire  and worn by A list celebrities in addition to being featured in film, TV and music videos. 

"Jillian is the designer behind RITUAL, a brand that values sustainability, quality and cutting-edge design, as you can clearly see above. Her pieces feature intricate, puzzle-like patterns and are made from goat leather; her pieces are handmade in Indonesia and the leather is a by-product from the community she employs. "I started this line to create eco-friendly fashion that was also edgy," Jillian tells Teen Vogue. "Things range from simple to couture but everything is made through an ethical and eco-friendly pipeline." RITUAL counts Sara Sampaio and Paris Hilton as fans." 

Teen Vogue

Jillian became obsessed, as someone who often traveled from Asia to the USA multiple times a month and would often be in a different country every week, on finding a way to protect herself in any environment as well as be comfortable. She started experimenting in 2016 with making hoodies like the Aramaki Hoodie that could cover and protect  the face and obscure the fact that she might be wearing a mask. Shortly thereafter, he added this feature in almost all of her designs creating  big hoods and collars that zipped up as needed but it wasn’t just about looking cool if you needed a mask, it was about feeling comfortable and the outfit being versatile and protective .  As her travels took her from the New York subways to riding crowded streets on a motorbike in Asia,  her masks weren’t a gimmick, they became  a smart way of life. 

Now Jillian sees masks as the next step. My life has become, wallet, backpack or purse, Jacket or hoodie and always my mask,  it is my new normal and of course I want it to be cool, comfortable and fun.  

Jillian is known for often being the model of RITUAL she is the creative director behind the cutting edgy unique and coveted designs.  Her pastimes are learning and creating the world shifting is just a new challenge and RITUAL thrives off the ever changing puzzles of life. 

All of RITUALS products are made from silk, modal ( a tree like bamboo ) , or leather all of which allow the skin to breathe whereas other plastic based products like polyester do not.. 

RITUAL because popular with musicians, celebrities, and those who wanted cutting edge fashion that was also better for the body as well as supported fair labor. 

RITUAL has expanded its offerings for the Lyran Collection which features built in or wearable masks and gloves that are both high luxury fashion and eco friendly and  made from breathable materials such as silk, or bamboo.  It is important to note that no fabric mask is a substitute for a N-95 or medically approved mask.  Ritual masks can act as a fashionable cover for such masks however and are appropriate on their own where fabric masks are required or desirable.

The Lyran Collection is a sub collection of the Stars Collection inspired by Unity

The Lyran Collection

The Stars Collection

Wants to help provide the world with beautiful eco friendly luxury products that help support everyone involved. Are inspiring to wear , bring more joy and fun into this world and support the awareness we are all connected. 

You can learn more about Jillian and RITUAL here

they are currently selling mask retail and wholesale internationally to help support the future

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