December 08, 2016 3 min read

We follow the moon for our Rituals and tonight is the (second to) last new moon of the year so we thought we would share our personal new moon manifestation ritual we do every month. We hope to inspire you to also be connected to these rhythms of dark and light, of spiraling patterns of weaving entities swirling around the universe.
The moon is a cycle from planting the seed at its newest to reaping the harvest at its fullest and back again.
So for us, it's important for us to set our intention and manifestations for the next month each new moon, and tonight we focus on the next year as well as it is oh so close.
Our Intention is that power will be given to those who work to bring balance into this world.
Those who bring love, peace and less harm in any form.
Those who are working to protect our sacred natural resources across the planet (#standingrock we are with you)
We focus on creating what we do want, allowing what we don't to fade away without giving it any energy.
For us, the future we want to see in the world and in our lives is one with more compassion, more forgiveness, more love. For ourselves and those around us. Even for those we want to hate.
Life is messy.
Love is messy.
Being human isn’t easy.
We are complex creatures full of decades of deeply stored, fractalling trauma that rears up to the surface at the most inconvenient moments..
But, in the end, we all get the chance every moment to choose love over hate, forgiveness over resentment,
The choice to let go of things that don’t serve us with love in our hearts even though it hurts.
We allow ourselves to hurt because hurting is a sign we can still feel. which is such a gift. It's so easy to numb those emotions. to push them away. there are countless ways. We know them well. We work so hard not to numb them, but escapism is human. We all have it, a means to escape. Who wants to hurt? no one. but allowing ourselves to feel every sorrow, every hurt, is so much more rewarding in the end.
Because if you stop feeling the pain, you will also miss the joy. the wonder. the love. They are connected and you must allow all of it or you get none of it. Because your heart can't tell the difference from good emotions and bad. It only feels. or not.
So tonight, allow yourself to feel. Love yourself and all those emotions you have been desperately trying to hide.
Know that love is the conclusion of all of it. Even the anger and the rage. At the end of the tunnel is love. And you can find it.
But choosing love and empathy does not have to be a passive action. We CAN stand up for ourselves and each other.
A wise woman once taught us, If you allow harm by enabling it you are then part of that harm.
So this moon we set our intention for the harm-less future we want to see in this world. The future we all are creating every moment. The new moon is just a perfectly timed excuse to check in with what you are creating in your own life.
So tonight, find a quiet place alone or with a loved one..gaze at the moon..clear your thoughts..feel your heart. let the emotions run over you and imagine the world as you wish it to be. write it down. write down what you want to create in your own life and in the world. Make a list. put it somewhere you will see it every day. and then do it again next month.
Perhaps we will dream of the same future. and perhaps we can create it together..
Hannah Fraser Is Wearing the Laveau Gown
Alea Rain is wearing The Caged Dress
Jillian Ann is Wearing The Siren,Raven, Ritual Harness

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